From Atheist to Creationist

Jerry Bergman, Ph.D.

As I studied evolution (the doorway to atheism), it eventually became apparent that the theory has some major problems. The first example I researched in detail was the “vestigial organ” claim. There are over 100 claimed vestigial organs. These are supposedly non-functional evolutionary “leftovers,” yet I found uses for all of them. I went on to study the fossil record, and then I examined the natural selection claim, concluding that natural selection only explains the survival of the fittest, but the essential problem in Darwin’s day, and today, is the arrival of the fittest.

After exploring all of the major arguments for evolution, I eventually concluded that Darwinism has been falsified on the basis of science and realized that the evidence demands an intelligent creator.

The evidence against Darwinism was a critical factor in my acceptance of creationism, which opened the door to my acceptance of Christianity… Like many scientists who came before me, I discovered that the evidence supports the truth of the Bible.

Acts & Facts, February 2015

Sole Survivor

Bus bombing in Tel Aviv.

Bus bombing in Tel Aviv.

Here is an amazing story that George, the tour guide from the Bill Rudge Ministries’ 8th Holy Land Adventure, shared about how his daughter survived a bus bombing:

(At the end of the summer in 2004 George took his 12 year old daughter, Sivan, to a concert to hear Israeli singer, David Broza, who is their very good friend.) He told us, “….so at the end of the summer, I took her to one of his concerts. Following the concert, when it was time to go home, she wanted to stay back stage with David but naturally we wanted her home as soon as possible since she is only 12 years old and school was to start the next day. To make her go home, David took off a necklace he was wearing with Hamsa on it. (Hamsa is shaped like a human hand and was blessed by a priest.) Sivan liked it and went home to sleep.

“On October 19, 2004, Sivan as usual went to school in Tel Aviv by bus (not a school bus but a public bus). At 8:46 in the morning her necklace fell to the floor and she ducked down to pick it up. At this very second a Muslim terrorist blew up the bus. But since Sivan was bending down to the floor, she was the only passenger to survive the blast!”

Everyone was killed except one person: George’s 12 year old daughter. She survived without a scratch.

And the Rain Stopped

by Bill Rudge Ministries

One day a week for several months prior to the World War I and Sergeant York 90th Anniversary Commemoration, the Bill Rudge Ministries staff prayed and fasted for this special event and for good weather on the day of it. Many other people were also praying.

But on October 3, 2008, one day before the big event in the Argonne Forest of France, the weather was cold and rainy –– often torrential downpours. It appeared the extensive ceremonies would be marred by heavy rain that was forecast to continue for several more days.

So on the evening of October 3, in the American Cemetery in the apartment used by General Pershing, Bill Rudge gathered everyone present for special prayer. Colonel Mastriano and his wife and son, Chaplain Robinson and his wife and son, and BJ, joined Bill to pray for a miracle. Bill earnestly asked the Lord to intervene in this impossible situation and provide good weather for the next day’s ceremonies.

By morning on October 4, shortly before the ceremonies and dedication were to begin, the rain stopped and the sun came out. It turned out to be a beautiful sunny day. The very next day, it began raining again.

A reporter for a German magazine wrote in his article about the amazing phenomenon of how the sky seemed to open and the sun came out on the day of the York Commemoration.

Our God is an awesome God!

Saved By A Song

It was Christmas Eve, 1875. Ira Sankey was traveling by steamboat up the Delaware River. Mr. Sankey had been asked to sing. He wanted to sing a Christmas song but was driven almost against his will to sing Saviour Like A Shepherd Lead Us. All were moved by the rendition.

After the song ended a man with a rough, weather-beaten face came up and asked Mr. Sankey, “Did you ever serve in the Union army?” “Yes,” answered Mr. Sankey, “in the spring of 1862.” “Can you remember if you were ever doing picket duty on a bright, moonlit night in 1862?” “Yes,” answered Mr. Sankey, very much surprised.

“So do I,” answered the stranger, “but I was serving in the Confederate army. When I saw you standing at your post I said to myself, ‘That fellow will never get away from here alive.’ I raised my musket and took aim. At that instant, just as a moment ago, you raised your eyes to Heaven and began to sing. I took my finger off the trigger.

‘Let him sing his song to the end,’ I said to myself, ‘I can shoot him afterwards.’ But the song you sang then was the song you sang just now. When you had finished your song it was impossible for me to take aim at you again. I thought, the Lord, who is able to save that man from certain death, must surely be great and mighty, and my arm, of its own accord, dropped limp at my side.

Since that time I have wandered about far and wide, but when I just now saw you standing there singing as on that other occasion, I recognized you. Then my heart was wounded by your song. Now I ask that you help me find a cure for my sick soul.”

Deeply moved, Mr. Sankey threw his arms about the man who in days of the war had been his enemy. And that night the stranger found the Good Shepherd as his Savior.

The Christian Banner -
A Civil War magazine

From Shinto to Christian Pastor

Pastor Nobuji Horikoshi

Pastor Nobuji Horikoshi

Pastor Nobuji Horikoshi pastors one of the largest churches in Japan, the growing Souai Church in Mie Prefecture.

He grew up as the eldest son of a Shinto priest who was in charge of a Shinto temple. Nobuji was expected to take over the priestly position and duties of his father. But as he grew, the big questions of life began to plague him. Where did we come from? What happens after we die? How can we please God? There are so many gods, how can we know which one is the true God? There are no answers, even from his priest father. This drove him deep into the search for the truth, and in the early post-war years the questions led him to Christianity.

One of the most important steps in his journey was the discovery of a book on creation titled That You Might Believe written by the late Dr. Henry Morris. It presented convincing evidence for creation science and biblical accuracy, leading to a clear gospel message. It transformed Nobuji, and soon he was the pastor of a small church.

Armed with new information, including the case for creation, he went to tell his father. When he found out that his son was now a Christian, Nobuji’s father refused to see him.

Eventually the father agreed to see him as the pastor of a church in town, but not as his son, and for years they met together for an hour each day, discussing deep issues such as those that drove Nobuji to Christ. Eventually his father accepted Christ’s free gift of salvation. He renounced his position as a Shinto priest, tore down the temple, and donated the land to the church. The church building, school and museum now sit on [this] land.

– excerpts from Acts & Facts, October 2014

A Light Shining in Darkness

Major Bill Robinson, his wife Jen and their son Derek visited Bill Rudge Ministries last summer. Major Robinson is now Supervisory Chaplain at Fort Benning, GA. His powerful testimony, "From Rebel to Chaplain," was first published in the BRM newsletter and is posted in Testimonies of Faith and Courage on our website ( under Multimedia.

Major Bill Robinson, his wife Jen and their son Derek visited Bill Rudge Ministries last summer. Major Robinson is now Supervisory Chaplain at Fort Benning, GA. His powerful testimony, “From Rebel to Chaplain,” was first published in the BRM newsletter and is posted in Testimonies of Faith and Courage on our website ( under Multimedia.

By Major (Chaplain) Bill Robinson

Chaplain (Major) Bill Robinson serves as Brigade (and Supervisory) Chaplain at Fort Benning, Georgia, where he plans to bring Bill Rudge to minister. Major Robinson has served in Iraq, Afghanistan, Germany and the U.S. Bill Robinson’s incredible testimony, From Rebel to Chaplain, was shared in one of our previous newsletters. Chaplain Robinson provided a military escort for Bill and BJ Rudge from Germany to France for their participation in the World War One Reenactment and Sgt. York Historic Trail and Monument Dedication. The Robinsons are faithful supporters of BRM. Please continue to pray for Chaplain Robinson and his family.

When everything is dark, the smallest light shines the brightest. In the midst of shifting cultural norms and values, the Army is rewriting its own doctrine while at the same time attempting to prevent sexual assault, suicide, and increase morality at a time when multiple senior leaders are failing in the public limelight…what to do? Committees, work groups, panels, researchers and others are seeking answers and not finding them. Yet we have the solution – the purpose, direction and motivation that comes from GOD’s truth. We have the hope and a reason to live, not contingent on circumstances but rather on our relationship with JESUS as opposed to the world’s humanist manifesto that we have come from nothing, for nothing, to go to nothing.

Not long ago I sat through a mandatory two-day class on resiliency – nothing religious or Christian – and one of the instructors asked me what my definition of hope was. I told him it was the confident expectation of things not seen. He was amazed and said that was the best answer he had heard in 22 years in the Army. Too bad he had never read or heard Hebrews 11 before.

The level of biblical illiteracy in the United States is amazing! Simple words such as grace and atonement might as well be a foreign language. Over and over soldiers come to me to discuss faith because they know nothing of substance about JESUS or Christianity. Here is where the light can shine its brightest. It starts by faith as GOD asks us to plant the seed – HE will give the growth; faith that the Spirit is already at work.

With a worship service of one soldier and without a chapel, GOD created a shining light of hope in (of all places) a training base for the US Army. In the beginning it was but two chaplains praying and faithfully serving to a dead service meeting. They considered calling it quits but the chaplain leader had the vision to see that 3,000 soldiers, separated from the rest of the post, needed to see the light of GOD’s Word, regardless.

GOD honored that vision and faithfulness by sending three soldiers on fire for the Lord asking how they could help. They spread the light. GOD blessed us with leaders who knew the value of Christianity not only in their personal, but in their professional lives as well. What better guide to morals and conduct could there be than that of GOD’s Word? Soon the service was at thirty. A Bible study was started and a weekend “Movie with a Message” program began. Every time we met, the number of soldiers grew. They were not just equipped to do their job in the military, but also to do ministry. As they were deployed around the globe, they took that light with them. Before I left Fort Lee we had to begin two Bible studies as our meeting space could only seat 140 – even while losing 20% of our fellowship weekly due to deployment or reassignment. Discipline and performance problems and sexual assault decreased by such a level that the Garrison Commander asked what was making the difference? The answer was the light shining in the darkness.

So let me ask, how does your faith impact your leadership? Are you empowering believers or entertaining them? Are you praying for GOD to send guidance and resources? Are you GOD’s resource for sharing the light? Will you pray for the chaplains and the soldiers they minister to? To GOD be the glory, great things He has done – and continues to do – even in the darkness.

Major Robinson says, “For close to 30 years Bill Rudge Ministries has shaped, molded and equipped me to better serve the Lord. From rebel teen to enlisted soldier to chaplain, through three combat tours and multiple countries, this ministry has sustained me and America’s sons and daughters. As a brigade chaplain I look forward with excitement to see how Bill Rudge Ministries will continue to reach the world with the gospel through the military.”